Kickstart your standardized test preparation with a two week program designed to help students make goals and reach them.

The program consists:
-information sessions on goal setting, standardized tests types, the college application process, and high school and college success
-group activities to learn concentration, speed reading, and mental math to help develop necessary skills for all standardized tests
-accurately proctored and timed practice tests
-one on one tutoring sessions with trained individuals who have scored above the 95th percentile on standardized tests
-customized prep work with books and supplies provided

This program will focus on the PSAT and SAT as those are the tests where there are the most scholarships available, but we also recognize that many students prefer the ACT, so we will spend plenty of time working with students who want to focus on that test. Additionally, many of the techniques and skills we will teach are applicable to both types of tests. And if students have no idea which test they would like to focus on, they've come to the right place, because we will help students find their strengths and which test best fits them.

Ideal for students who will have just finished their freshman and sophomore year of high school, but also helpful for those finishing their junior year.

Date: July 9-13 & 16-20, 9am-2pm
Location: The Fulton's Home in Oronoco, MN
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